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Our goal for each individual is to encourage social, communication, and life skills to help them reach their life goals

Who We Serve

Young Adults with mild to moderate intellectual developmental disabilities


Young Adults who may not qualify for full-service benefits from DDA

Young Adults who may receive some services, but need additional reinforcement of skills to reach their personal goals of independence

Hello! My name is Pam.  I am a mom of a daughter with developmental challenges. When my daughter graduated high school my husband and I saw our daughter fall into a void.  She no longer had the social outlet that school brought her.  While her peers were going off to college, getting jobs and becoming young adults in a fast-paced world my daughter was left hanging in the wind.  She looked for jobs, took a few personal enrichment classes at the local community college, and volunteered here and there when there was a need, but she did not have a purpose.  My husband and I had a lot of questions and we weren't sure where to go for answers.  So, we began talking to people; parents of young adults with developmental differences, health care providers, friends, basically anyone who would take the time to share their experiences with us.  We found that we all had questions, but we were able to share answers with each other as well.


So, The Connection was born...


We began as a social get together for a group of girls and have now grown into an organization that strives to help adults with mild to moderate challenges who may not be able to access independence as easily as the norm to reach their ultimate potential.

A message from our Executive Director 

Building Connections together

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